Overview of Manage Contents

Contents can be created in "Manage contents."
This page provides the overview of "Manage contents."

Create Content

Courses and content can be created from the "+" icon on the "Manage contents" page.
First, create a course. All content will be created within this course.

*For more information about the course, refer to Course/Folder.

Advanced Settings

Configure settings for the content you have created.
The setting content includes a description, thumbnail image, limit attempt and the duration of the course.
On a user's interface, the following image is displayed.
*For more information, please refer to the following page.

- Edit Basic Information
-  Setup functions on the content list

Assign Content

After creating content, assign it to user(s).
Assignments can be set for all users or on a group/individual basis.

*For more information, refer to Content assignment.

warning sign


・Content will not be displayed on the user's interface without assigning.

Moving Content

You can move the location of courses/folders/contents (teaching materials).

*For more information, refer toMoving Content..

Storage Usage

You can check the total data volume used for the entire content management and the storage usage for each course.

Overall Content Management

It appears in the upper right corner of the content management screen.
*You must have one of the following permissions
 Content management editing privileges (all content)
 Content management editing/viewing privileges + settings page access privileges

Per course

It is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen that opens when you click on each course.
*Content management editing/viewing privileges are required.


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