There are courses and folders that can contain multiple teaching materials and content at once.
This page describes each of the courses and folders.

Difference between courses and folders

The course contains materials and content within it, and the learner follows this course of study.
Therefore, only courses can be created on the TOP screen of Content Management.
Folders, on the other hand, are used to organize several more contents within a course.

About the Course

First, let us explain the course.

Course Creation

01Open New Course Creation Screen

Click on "Content Management" on the TOP page or on the left side menu.
Click on the "+" icon > "Courses" in the upper left corner of the "Content Management" screen.

02Creating courses

Enter the title of the course and save it.

Basic Course Setup

This function allows you to set up the entire course.
*For more information.Course Preferences.

Criteria for judging course study

When you proceed to study the content in a course, there is a priority order of which content you can study based on the learning status of each piece of content.
The criteria for this determination are described below.
Priority order
In progress" > "Not studied or not submitted" > "Failed" > "Resubmitted"

About Folders

Next, folders are explained.

Creating Folders

Before creating a folder, first create a course.

01Course Creation

For more information.Creating a Course.".

02Open the Create New Folder screen.

Click on the course you have created to open the Hierarchy screen within the course.
Click on the "+" icon in the upper left corner > Folders.

03Creating folders

Enter a title for the folder and save it.

Moving Folders

Learn how to move a folder you have created to another course or folder.

01Click on "Manage contents"

Click on "Content Management" on the TOP page or in the side menu.

02Display the target folder

Open the hierarchy containing the target folder.

03Move a folder

Click and hold on the folder to be moved and move it so that it overlaps the location to be moved in the course/folder hierarchy list displayed on the right.
Example: Move a folder in the advanced course to the beginner course.

Shortcut functions for courses/folders

*For more information.Shortcut functions for courses/folders.