Select a course

Le's start learning from "Select a course."
This page describes the details.

Select a Course

01"Select a course" screen

Courses assigned to each user will be listed.
The following information will be displayed for each course.

▼ Learning progress

A bar graph shows how much learning has progressed for all the content in the course.

▼ Number of contents/total video playback time

The number of contents in the course and the total playback time of video contents are displayed.

02How to start content on the "Select a course"

Click on the paper plane icon to start a course.
Note that this button will be displayed differently depending on the learning progress.

▼When learning progress is 0%

"Start" will be displayed.

▼ When learning progress is 1-99%

"Resume" will be displayed.

▼When learning progress is 100%

Neither "Start" nor "Resume" will be displayed.

03Course list

To switch panel to list, click on the icon in the red frame below.

04Course Details

When selecting a course, the following screen will be displayed.
On this screen, content assigned to the user will be listed.
Displayed menu is as follows.

▼ Start

Users can learn contents in the course in sequence.
If a content is suspended, users can resume from where he/she left off, giving priority to that content.

▼ Check scores

Users can check their progress records from this button.
*For more information about progress record, click here

▼ Content

Only contents assigned to the user will be displayed.
You can also start learning clicking on the content here.

05Switch display to panel/list

You can also switch display to panel/list on the course details screen.

User Interface

Here are some examples of user interface.


When viewing an uploaded PDF file

▼ Video

When watching an uploaded video file

▼ Quiz and Test

Multiple choice questions, true/false and a variety of quiz types will enhance users' learning experience.

Course Navigation

This function shows other content in the course on a study screen.
*For more information, see  Course Navigation.

Content-to-Content Function

This feature allows users to jump to other content in the same course without getting back to the course details.
The following explain the details.

01For the first content in the course

Hovering over the "→" button shows the next content name.
Users can jump to the target content by clicking on it.

02If in the middle

The "← →" buttons will indicate the previous and following content.
Users can jump to the target content by clicking on it.

03For the last content in the course

Only the "←" button will be displayed.
Users can jump to the target content by clicking on it.

04When the prerequisite is set

▼Before clearing conditions

The "→" button will NOT be displayed. Users cannot proceed until the condition is met.

▼ After meeting a condition

Users can clisk on the "→" button as the image shows.

05When users cannot jump to another content

▼ In the case of exceeding the No. of limit attempt

Users cannot click on the "← →" button and the error message appears when hovering.

▼ In the case of having a folder

Content in the folder will be displayed on the course navigation.
However, the "← →" buttons cannot be used to jump to another content.

Search Window

Users can search for courses or content in courses.

01Search for a course

On the "Select a course" screen, users can search for courses by selecting a category or by entering keywords.
*For more information on how to set a category for a course, click here

02Search Content

The icon in the red frame helps to search a target content.

My favorites

Courses and contents can be added to "My favorites."
It helps to find target courses and contents faster.

01Add a course to your favorites

To bookmark a course to "My favorites," click on the heart icon.
When added, the color of the icon will be red.
The number to the right of the heart icon indicates the total number of users who have added that course to their favorites.

02Bookmark content to "My favorites"

As with courses, content can be added to "My favorites."
A heart button will be displayed on the course details or on the content study screen.

03Narrow down your favorite courses/contents

Each course/content added to "My favorites" will be listed as below.
On the "Select a course" screen, "My favorites" courses will be listed likewise.

▼How "My favorites" is displayed

*For more information, see  My Favorites.

▼ How "My facorites" will be displayed on the "Select a course"

By clicking on the heart icon, only the courses that users added to "My favorites" will be displayed.
Click again to view all courses.

04Remove from "My favorites"

Unclick the heart icon to remove the course/content from "My favorites."
When removed, the color of icon will be white.
Users can also remove "My favorites" on the list screen.


Users can check their scores on the course details as well as "Check scores" on the side menu.


Status will be displayed for each content.

Score Details

A score details button will be displayed on each content.
This shows the same content as the content grade details on the grade management screen.
Note that the button cannot be clicked if the study status is "unlearned".
After a bit of content study, you will be able to click through.
*For more information about the details of the results, please contact us. click here

Score Board

This function graphically displays the answers of users who have learned the content.
*For more information, see  Score Board.

Ranking Board

This function displays the results of users who have learned the content in a ranking format.
*For more information, see  Ranking board.


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