Curriculum settings

This section explains the basic settings of the curriculum function.

Available forVer 2.19 or higher, shared server/customized or dedicated server, configuration page access privileges


2022.09.14 / Ver2.19: Selection limit setting is added.

Curriculum settings

01Curriculum Setting

Click on "Curriculum function" > "Curriculum Settings" from the side menu.

02Basic settings

Settings for display, review, share button, and hashtags are available here.

Default values

01Display settings

The display format and order of contents can be set in detail here.

Description on "Serch curriculum"

01Add a description

Please add a description you want to display on the "Find curriculum".

Search settings


Please tick the item(s).

02Find Curriculum

Once saved, the content will appear as follows

Maximum selection settings

Available forlearningBOX Ver. 2.19 or higher


Turn on the "Enable the maximum selection" toggle and set the maximum number.

warning sign

 The following contents cannot be set in the schedule.

・When the maxumum number is changed, only the display of the muximum number of the curriculum will be changed.
・When membership rank is changed, the new plan will be applied.
・If an admin cancels a plan, membership rank will be changed to "No settings."


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