account billing management

For learners who have registered for an account, you can set whether they are charged at login or at the time of purchase of products.
This settings are also available onEC Special LicenseYou will need to sign up for

How to Use Account Billing Management

Click on "Account Billing Management" in the side menu.
The "Account Billing Management" screen will appear.



Publish your plan's membership rank


When "Make plan membership ranks public" is set to On, you can register products only for learners with the rank you set.
For more information on membership rank, please refer to this page.
How to set your membership rank

Common settings for account billing management

Enable account billing
Set whether or not to use the account billing feature itself. If this is set to Off, "Require account billing" will not be available.
Make account billing mandatory.
If you wish to set up account billing immediately after login using the account billing feature, please enable both "Enable Account Billing / Require Account Billing".

*If only "Enable account billing" is turned on, the learner can sign up for a billing plan at any time of his/her choice without account billing immediately after login.

Flow on the learner side

How to set up the account billing function


The plans that are open to the public will be displayed.

LearningBOX - How to use the account billing function


Learners select a plan and enter their credit card information.

Account billing function -learningBOX


The plan selection confirmation is displayed.

learningBOX-account billing


Tick "I agree" to the learningBOX Terms of Use and click "Confirm".
Upon successful registration, you will receive a notification to your registered email address.

Account billing function - credit card payment


About the trial period days for the first purchase

The trial period begins counting at midnight when the plan contract is signed.
Example) If you sign up for a plan with a free period of 10 days and a setup date of March 1 at 23:00

The 10-day trial period begins at midnight on March 1 and ends at 23:59:59 on March 10.