Account billing management function

From ver 2.14 or later of learningBOX, account billing management function has been added.
With the development of this new feature, you can set up billing when logging in and billing when purchasing products for users who have registered for an account.

The account billing management feature is available in the learningBOXEC Special LicenseThis is a new feature available to customers who use
This page introduces the newly added account billing management feature.

How to use the account billing management function

Log in to learningBOX with the account you used to sign up for the EC feature plan.

Account billing-ec function


Click [Account Billing Management] from the side menu bar.

learningBOX-account billing management


The Account Billing Management page will be displayed.

Account billing management-learningBOX


Publish your plan's membership rank

If you set your member rank to public, you can register products only to members with the rank you set.
For more information on how to use your membership rank, please see this page.
How to set your membership rank

Common settings for account billing management

Enable account billing
Set whether or not to use the account billing feature itself. If you set this to Off, you will not be able to use Require Account Billing.
Make account billing mandatory.
To set up account billing immediately after login using the account billing feature, please enable "Enable account billing / Require account billing".

If you turn on only enable account billing, you can sign up for a billing plan at any time you want without account billing immediately after login.

The flow of the user side after setting up account billing is as follows

How to set up the account billing function


The plans that are open to the public will be displayed.

LearningBOX - How to use the account billing function


The user selects a plan and enters his or her credit card information.

Account billing function -learningBOX


The plan selection confirmation is displayed.

learningBOX-account billing


Check the box that agrees to the learningBOX Terms of Use and click [Confirm].

Account billing function - credit card payment


The registration process takes place.

Account billing-learningBOX


Once registration is complete, you will receive a notification to your registered email address.

learningBOX-account billing

About the trial period days for the first purchase

The trial period starts counting from midnight when you sign the plan contract.
Example) If you sign up for a plan with a free period of 10 days and a setup date of March 1 at 11pm

In this case, the trial period is 10 days from midnight on March 1 to 23:59:59 on March 10.