Purchase limit

The custom badge feature allows you to set restrictions so that only users who have earned a specific badge (successful applicants) can purchase certain products.
Example: Only those who have purchased and passed the Level 3 certification test can purchase the Level 2 certification test.

The following is a rough flow of the creation process.
1. create content (e.g., tests)
2. setting up the content you created as an e-commerce product
3. create a custom badge
4. set the badge created in 3 to the corresponding content in content management
5. set a purchase limit on the product in the EC product settings.

*A dedicated server contract is required to use the EC function plan.
⇒ LearningBOX EC Plans

*The prerequisites for explaining this function are that you have already created the test contents in learningBOX and that you have already set them up as EC products using the EC function.
Therefore, the explanation on this page is from (3) onward in the above flow.


How to create a custom badge (admin side)

To begin, log in as the owner administrator or as a user with preferences page access, and select "Learning Preferences" > "Badge Management" from the side menu.


On the "Add Badge" screen that opens by clicking the "+" icon in Badge Management, enter the badge code and badge name to add a badge.
badge codeYou can use one-byte alphanumeric characters and "_".
Badge NameThe text that appears on the detail page of the e-commerce product that the user sees.
The following will appear in the "Purchase Limitations" section of the purchase screen.


Set badges on products

Select "Manage contents."
Click on the gear icon for the content in question and select "Set Badge".

On the "Set Badge" screen that opens, select the badge you wish to apply from the "Badge Settings" pull-down menu.


Badges are awarded for completing or passing the content study according to the above settings.


How to set a purchase limit

Next, we will explain how to grant product purchase restrictions.
First, click on "Product Management" in the side menu.
Click on the gear icon on the far right of the item in question.

In the lower right-hand corner of the editing screen, click on the "Purchase limitin the "" column.Get all the badges.Right-click on "+ Add a badge.Please select "1.

Select a badgeOn the "✔" screen, tick the badge you want to use to limit purchases.

After adding the badge, click "Save" to update the product.

If you check the details on the product page, you will see that you have just set the
Passing the Level 2 Privacy Test" will appear as a purchase limitation.
You may now purchase the "Personal Information Protection Test LV1" as a condition of your purchase.
"Passing the Level 2 Personal Data Protection Test" has been set.


If you try to purchase a restricted item by mistake

If you try to purchase an item that is restricted, you will be asked to enter the
I get a warning message that says, "The purchase cannot be made with your account. The warning message "You can't purchase this product through your account" appears and you cannot purchase it.
Therefore."We don't have a 'product not available after purchase' situation.So don't worry.


Editing and Deleting Badges

To edit a badge, click the gear icon in the "Actions" column of the target badge on the "Manage Badges" page.
To remove the badge, click on the trash can icon.