Purchase Restrictions Using the Custom Badge Feature

Starting from Ver 2.12, a custom badge feature has been added to the learningBOX badge feature. By using the custom badge feature, you can limit the purchase of certain products on your EC plan to only users who have earned (or passed) a certain badge. For example, on a certification content sales site, a user can purchase a Level 3 certification test, and only those who pass the test will be able to purchase a Level 2 certification test.

Purchase restrictions using the custom badge feature

The general flow of work is as follows.
1. create content (e.g., tests)
2. setting up the content you created as an e-commerce product
3. create a custom badge
4. set the badge created in 3 to the corresponding content in content management
5. set a purchase limit on the product in the EC product settings.

Please note that a dedicated server subscription is required for the learningBOX EC plan.
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To explain this function, it is assumed that you have already created the test contents in learningBOX and that you have used the EC function to set up the test contents as EC products. For this reason, the explanation on this page is based on the above flow (3) and beyond.


How to create a custom badge (admin side)

First, log in as the owner or a member with configuration rights, then select the side menu and click onContent Management >"Badge management.Proceed to the screen.

Click the "+" button in the badge management system and you'll see the "Add Badge" screen, where you can enter your badge code and name.

badge codeYou can use one-byte alphanumeric characters and "_".
Badge NameThis is the wording that will be displayed on the detailed page of the EC product that the user sees.

The text you enter in the "Badge Name" field in the image above will eventually appear in the "Purchase Restrictions" field on the purchase screen as shown below.


Setting up a custom badge for your product

Log in as the owner or a member with permission to manage the course materials and enter the Content Management screen.

Select the material for which you want to set up a badge and click the gear symbol.

In the menu that opens, click on "Set Badge".

Badges to be awarded on learning and passingI just created in the "Passing the Level 2 Personal Data Protection Test" will appear, click on it to select it.

This way you can set up a badge for completing or passing the material.


How to set a purchase limit

Next, here's how you can add product purchase restrictions.
First, from the side menu, we'll start witheCommerce" >Product SettingsProceed to the "-
Press the gear symbol on the right side of any product to enter the edit screen.

In the lower right corner of the editing screen, you can see thePurchase limitTheGet all the badges.」をright clickAnd+ Add a badge.Press ".

Select a badgeOn the "Purchase Restrictions" screen, select the badge you want to use for purchase restrictions from the list and tick ✅ (check).

After selecting and adding a badge, press "Save" on the product update screen to update the product.

Go to "Store Sales" in the side menu, and when you check the products, you'll see the
You'll notice that "Passing the Level 2 Privacy Test" has been added as a purchase limit.
This is now a requirement for purchasing the "Privacy Test LV1
"Passing the Level 2 Personal Data Protection Test"I was able to set up


If you try to purchase a restricted item by mistake

If you try to purchase an item that is restricted, you will be asked to enter the
I get a warning message that says, "The purchase cannot be made with your account. The warning message "You can't purchase this product through your account" appears and you cannot purchase it.
Therefore."We don't have a 'product not available after purchase' situation.So don't worry.


Now then, in order to remove the purchase restriction, I'll try to pass the Level 2 Privacy Test, which is a condition of the restriction.

After that, you can go back to the "Privacy Test Level 1" page in the store and add it to your cart.
In the purchase process, you'll see theNotes are no longer displayed.You can see the

When the payment method is displayed, select the payment method of your choice and purchase, you will be taken to the following screen.

When you finish your purchase, the "Learn" screen will display your purchase.


In addition, completed questions and exams are marked with a badge, as shown below, to show at a glance whether you have passed or not.


Editing and Deleting Badges

Lastly, I will show you how to edit and delete your badges.
To edit a badge, go to the Manage Badges screen and press the gear symbol to the right of the badge you want to edit.
You can also delete a badge by pressing the trash can symbol to the right of the badge.