Category setting and management

This page explains the category setting and management of EC functions.

About Category Settings

Log in with your learningBOX owner account and click [EC Function] on the sidebar.

learningBOX-Category settings


Click [Product Settings].

learningBOX-Product settings


Click [Category Management].

learningBOX-Category management


You can add categories, edit category names, and delete categories from the category management page.
To add a category, click [Add Top Category].



Click [Add Top Category] to add a new category.

learningBOX-ec function


Categories can be edited by right-clicking the mouse.

learningBOX-ec functions-edit categories


Click Create New to create a subcategory.

learningBOX-Edit a category


You can change the name of the category by clicking [Rename].



Click [Delete] to delete the selected category.

learningBOX-Category management