Coupon Management

Issuing coupons to learners can be used as one of the sales promotions.

Content sales coupon issuing function

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Note: Coupons cannot be redeemed for subscription items or items purchased by proxy.


How to issue coupons (on the owner-manager side)

Click on "Coupon Management" in the side menu.
Click "Add Coupon" on the "Manage Coupons" page.


On the "Coupon Registration" screen, enter each item to create a coupon.
Click on "Save" when finished.

The input and setting items are as follows.

opcodeThe coupon code is to be entered by the purchaser on the application screen. The coupon code must be entered on the application screen.
Coupon Name: Coupon Name.
Discount rate (% off)Discount rate (% off) of the coupon. (Please enter a single-byte integer value between 1 and 100.
Issue limit(1) Enter the number of items that can be issued. (Please input it by the half-size integer value of 1 or more.
Receipt limitThe number of coupons you can receive for each account. (Please enter an integer value of 1 or more.)
Group allocationYou can automatically add the members who entered the coupon code in the purchase procedure screen to the specified group.
Target productsSelect the product you want to apply the coupon to from the list of EC products.Please note that if you do not specify the product, you can use it for all products.
Setting the publication period: Set the period during which the coupon can be obtained.


Created coupons can be viewed in the "List" tab, and issued coupons can be viewed in the "Issue History" tab.


How to obtain coupons (learner's side)

Learners can redeem the coupon on the "purchase procedure" screen after placing an item in the cart.


Enter Coupon Code

After clicking "Coupon is available," a pop-up window will appear where you can enter the coupon code.


When you enter the coupon code, the product will be displayed with the new discounted price.


Once your order is complete, you will be redirected to the Thanks screen as usual, where you can check your coupon usage history as well.


You can also check your coupon usage history in the automatic email delivery after your order is completed.


After using the coupon (on the owner-manager side)

After using the coupon, the payment ID will be registered in the "Issue History" tab.




Discontinue/delete coupons

Coupons that have already been issued cannot be deleted. You can only set to discontinue.


Multiple Coupon Usage

If multiple coupons are available, select all coupons to be used.


(Other) Cancellation

If the payment is cancelled by the learner (e.g., before payment is made), the coupon will be returned and can be redeemed at the time of purchase.


Others (List screen)

Coupon management > List


Coupon Management > Issue History