Basic Seminar Setup

EC Function Basic Settings

Click on "Seminar Management" in the side menu.
Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the "Seminar Management" screen that opens.



The "EC Function Basic Settings" screen appears.
Here you can set up the items you need to sell your content.



Please set and save the "Initial Values for Product List", "Initial Values for Seminar List", and "Search Settings".



Seminar ticket issuing function

With the ticket issuing function, a ticket is issued when a seminar is purchased.

Click on "Ticket Template Management" in the side menu.
Click on "Create Template" on the "Manage Ticket Templates" screen.



Please fill in the required information.
This information is displayed when you check your ticket after purchase.
When all done, please save it.



Once the ticket template has been set up, go to "Seminar Management" in the side menu to add content.
*For more information about the seminar function, please click here.
How to set up the seminar function

On the "Seminar Management" screen, click the gear icon for the content in question.

learningBOX-Seminar ticket issuing function


Click on the "+" icon under "Price/Term."

Seminar publishing function-learningBOX-2.14


Turn "Ticket Use" On.

Seminar Ticket-learningBOX


Add prefixes and suffixes.



Seminar ticket designs are available in two patterns.

learningBOX-Seminar ticket design


Fill in the required information and click the "Add" button.

learningBOX-Seminar publishing function


After a seminar purchase, when the purchase status of the item becomes "Paid", the ticket issued will appear on the Ticket tab of the Purchase History screen.