Seminar basic settings

From ver 2.14 or later of learningBOX, seminar function has been added.
Seminar function is available in learningBOXEC Special LicenseThis is a new feature that applies to customers who use
In this page, we will introduce the newly added product basic setting and seminar ticket issuing function of seminar function.

Basic product settings for seminar functions

Log in with your learningBOX owner account.
Please click [Seminar Management] from the side menu bar.

LearningBOX-Seminar function basic settings


Click the gear button in the upper right corner of the seminar management screen.

Seminar Management - How to do Basic Settings


The EC function basic setting screen is displayed.
From here, you can set up the information you need to sell your content.

How to use learningBOX - EC function basic settings


Configure the settings in the [Product List/Seminar List Initial Value/Search Settings] section and click the Save button at the bottom right to complete.

LearningBOX - How to use the seminar function


Seminar ticket issuing function

The ticket issuing function issues a ticket when a seminar is purchased.
Log in with your learningBOX owner account.
Click [Ticket Template Management] from the side menu bar.

learningBOX-Seminar publishing function


Click [Create Template] on the ticket template management page.

E-Learning System - Seminar Function


Enter the required information.
This information is displayed when you confirm your ticket after purchase.

learningBOX-Ticket template


When you are done, click the Save button at the bottom right.

learningBOX-Seminar tickets


After you finish setting up the ticket template, you can add contents from [Seminar Management] in the side menu bar.

learningBOX - Seminar management

You can learn more about how to use the seminar function in this article.
How to set up the seminar function

Select the content from the seminar management screen.
Because it is practice this time, select 【sample-1】, and click the gear button.

learningBOX-Seminar ticket issuing function


Click on the plus button for price and duration.

Seminar publishing function-learningBOX-2.14


Set the ticket use to [On].

Seminar Ticket-learningBOX


Add prefixes and suffixes.



You can choose from two seminar ticket design parterns.

learningBOX-Seminar ticket design


Please fill in the required information and click the Add button.

learningBOX-Seminar publishing function


After purchasing a seminar, the ticket that has been issued will be displayed on the Ticket tab of the Purchase History screen when the purchase status for that product has been credited.