Tag setting and management

Tag settings can be configured through Tag Management and Product Settings.

About tag setting and management

Click on "Tag Management" in the side menu.

On the "Tag Management" screen that opens, click "Add Tag" to add a tag.
When the "Add Tag" window opens, enter a tag name and description, then add the tag.



Tags can be edited or deleted from the icon in the "Operation" column on the right side of the screen.

eLearning - Tag Management


How to add tags from product settings

Click on the gear icon for the product for which you wish to set the tag.



Enter the information in the "Tags" field in the lower right corner of the screen.
From "Select from existing tags," you can select tags that are already registered.
After completing the settings, click "Add".


Click [Select from Existing Tags] to display the tags that you have already registered.

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When settings are complete, click the "Save" button.



The tags you set will be displayed on the store screen as shown below.

learningBOX-Tag settings