Tag setting and management

This page introduces the "tag setting and management" of the EC function.
Tag settings can be configured from Tag Management and Product Settings.

About tag setting and management

Log in with your learningBOX owner account and click [EC Function] on the sidebar.



Click the arrow next to [Product Settings].

ec function-learningBOX function


Click [Tag Management].

learningBOX-Tag settings


To add a tag, click [Add Tag].

learningBOX-Tag management


Please enter the necessary information and click [Add] at the end when you have completed the settings.



Click [Add] to add a new tag.
Editing and deleting tags can be set from the icon displayed on the right of the screen.

eLearning - Tag Management


How to add tags from product settings

Click the gear button next to the product you want to set tags for.



Scroll down and enter your tag in the blank field at the bottom right of the screen, then click Add at the end.


Click [Select from Existing Tags] to display the tags that you have already registered.

learningBOX-ec function


2 tags have been added.

Setting up learningBOX-EC-tag


When you have completed the settings, click the Save button at the end to complete the settings.



The tags you set will be displayed like this in the store screen.

learningBOX-Tag settings