Member Rank Management

When selling content at a seminar, you can sell content only to designated members.

Membership Rank Management andSeminar functionisEC Special LicenseYou will need to sign up for

Member Rank Management

Select "Manage users" > "Input field settings" in the side menu.
Open the "Member Rank" tab of the "User Information Settings Management" screen that opens.



Click on "Add Membership Rank" at the bottom of the screen.



Enter the "rank code" and "rank name.
When you have completed the setup, please add it.



To edit the ranks you have created, please use the gear icon to update them.

How to use your membership rank


Registration on the Seminar Setup screen

On the seminar setup screen, click the "+" icon in the "Price and Duration" section.

learningBOX-ec function


Fill in the required information and set the membership rank available for purchase.
After completing the settings, click "Add".

Premium Membership-learningBOX


Please note that if a learner purchases a seminar after setting his/her membership rank, he/she will not be able to edit his/her membership rank.

learningBOX - Register your membership rank


If the learner's membership rank is the same as the rank set, "Add to Cart" and "Buy Now" will be displayed.

Membership rank settings-learningBOX


If the learner's membership rank is different from the setting, the purchase cannot be made.

Member rank-learningBOX


How to check your plan

Click on your name > "Purchase History" in the upper right corner of the screen.



Select the "Contract Plan" tab.
You can check the details of the contract.

Confirmation of contract plan