Member Rank Management Function

From ver 2.14 or later of the learningBOX, the member rank management function has been added.
By setting up the member rank management function, administrators can sell content only to the members they specify when selling content at seminars.

Member rank management function andSeminar functionis the learningBOXEC Special LicenseThis is a new feature that applies to customers who use
In this page, we will introduce you to the newly added member rank management function.

Member Rank Management Function

Log in with your learningBOX owner account.
Click the arrow next to Member Management.

learningBOX-2.14Setting the membership rank


Click Input Field Settings.

learningBOX-Member rank settings


Click on your membership rank.

Member Rank Settings


Click Add Membership Rank.

How to set your membership rank


Enter the rank code and rank name.
Since this is a practice, set the rank code to "sample" and the rank name to "This is a practice".
When you have finished the settings, please click the [Add] button.

Add membership rank-learningBOX


Click the Add button to add a new rank code and rank name.

E-Learning - Member Rank - 2.14


Click on the gear button to edit the rank code and rank name.

How to use your membership rank


A screen to update your membership rank will appear.
Enter your rank code and rank name from this screen and click the [Update] button.

Renewal of membership rank-learningBOX


The rank code and rank name of the member rank will be changed.

How to set your membership rank-learningBOX


When you create a membership rank, you can register your membership rank in the seminar settings

From the Seminar Settings screen, click the Plus button next to Price and Duration.

learningBOX-ec function


After entering the required information, set the membership rank that can be purchased.
This time, since it is practice, I will register only [Premium].

Premium Membership-learningBOX


Click the Add button to set a limited number of member ranks.

learningBOX - Membership Ranks Available for Purchase


You cannot edit the member rank if there is a purchaser after setting the member rank. Please be careful.

learningBOX - Register your membership rank


Administrators can set purchase restrictions for designated members by setting their membership rank.
If your membership rank is the same as your setting, "Add to Cart, Buy Now" will be displayed.

Membership rank settings-learningBOX


You cannot purchase if your membership rank is different from the setting.

Member rank-learningBOX


How to check your plan

Click on your user name in the upper right corner.

Check your membership rank


Click Purchase History.

How to check your membership rank


Click on the subscription plan.

Confirmation of contract plan


You can check the contract details.

learningBOX-Check your purchase history