How to register a product

How to register your products

Select "Product Management" in the side menu.

Click the "Add" button on the "Manage Products" screen that opens.



On the "Product Registration" screen that opens, enter each item.
*Enter the product code, title, subtitle, and description.
 The description section is an important point that motivates customers to buy when they are considering a purchase.
 Be specific about what appeals to you.



There are two ways to set thumbnail images: uploading an image or setting a URL for the thumbnail image.
The image corresponds to the "cover" of a book, so we recommend an image that catches the attention of users who visit the store.



Set up your content

From the "+" icon, select pre-created content and press the "Add" button to register the content.



Content will be added.
Check Preview to see a preview of the content on the store page.

ec function of learningBOX function


Once the content has been registered, set the price and duration.



price and the length of time you can study after purchase.

About the learningBOX-ec function


To change or delete a price or time period, click on the operation item icon.

Product sales of learningBOX-EC functions


Set and save the sales start and end dates.
*If the sales start and end dates are not entered, they will be indefinite.

learningBOX-ec function


By selecting "Publish," the product will appear in the store.
This completes the registration of sales materials.

learningBOX-ec function


When you click on "View Store," your registered sales materials will be displayed as shown below.


Click on a product to see the contents inside.

Seminar function - how to use the learningBOX