Sales management

This page will introduce you to the EC function sales management.
From the Sales Management screen, you can check the order ID, order date, orderer, product, total amount, payment method, status, and payment date.

About Sales Management

Log in with your learningBOX owner account and click [EC Function] on the sidebar.

ec function-sales management


Click [Sales Management].

Sales management-ec functions


Click [Sales Management] to move to the next page.

learningBOX-sales management-ec functions


To confirm your order, click the + button in the upper right corner for more information.

Confirmation of ec-order details


Click on the pencil icon to edit two items: [Purchase Price] and [Start Date of Use].


If you want to change the purchase price or the start date of use, please edit the two items here and click the Change button at the end.


To change the status of a purchaser, click here.


Once the payment is confirmed, we will change the status from here.

ec function - deposited


Once you have changed the status, click the Change button.
If you check [Send email to user], an email will be sent to the purchaser.

learningBOX-ec function


How to check the Orderer's address information

learningBOX-ec function


Click [Address] to see the address information of the person who placed the order.

learningBOX-ec function