Setting up and issuing receipts

This page explains how to set up and issue receipts for EC functions.
Receipts can be confirmed from the purchaser's My Page screen.

How to set up a receipt

Log in with your learningBOX owner account and click [EC Function] on the sidebar.

learningBOX-Category settings


Click Receipt Settings.

ec function of learningBOX


From the Receipt Settings screen, enter the required information about the receipt.

learningBOX-Receipt settings


Click the Preview button in the upper right corner to see the receipt you have created.



Check the temporary receipt, and if everything is OK, click the Save button to complete the setup.


Issuance of Receipt

Login to the learningBOX.
Next, click on Accounts in the top right corner.



Click Purchase History.

Issuance of receipts-ec function


From the Purchase History screen, select the product for which you want to issue a receipt.

learningBOX-ec functions-receipt issuance


Click the + button on the right side of the screen.

ec function - Issuance of receipts


Click Issue Receipt.


When the screen changes, please fill in the required information here and click "Issue".

Let's use the learningBOX-ec function.


A receipt will be issued.

learningBOX function-ec function