Review submission and management

This page explains how to set up and manage your EC function reviews.
The EC feature of learningBOX allows you to post reviews on content products created by your customers.

About Review Submission and Management

Log in with your learningBOX owner account and click [EC Function] on the sidebar.



Click the arrow next to [Product Settings].

ec function-learningBOX function


Click [Review Management].

learningBOX-ec function


From the review management screen, you can set the permission for automatic authentication of reviews, allow reviews even before login, and so on.

learningBOX-ec features-review


Once you have set up the review management screen, please change the setting to Allow [Review Posting] on the product page and click the Save button.

learningBOX-ec features-review post


When you select the product you just set from the product list page, the review will be displayed as shown below.
Click [Review] to add a new review.

ec function - review post