New Functions for Manage Scores

Functions related to score management have been expanded.
First, the "Per question" tab has been renamed "Per cotent" and a search function has been added .
It is also now possible to extract data on scores by content, narrowed down by period, group, and other criteria.
In addition, downloading report content and analyzing scores have been added as new functions.
The following explains the details.

Available forlearningBOX Ver. 2.18 or later / Users assigned to score management role

Per Content Screen


01Open the Manage Scores

Click on "Scores" on the Dashboard.

02Open the "Per content" screen

Click on the "Per content" tab at the top of the "Manage scores" screen.
※You can also access from "Scoring/analyzing" in the side menu. > "Per content"

03"Per content" screen

Courses are listed as below.
You can also search for courses and folders using the pull-down menus at the top of the screen.

04Specific Content Screen

In the "Per content" screen, select a specific content.
The tabulation screen will be open.

05Search Function

By using the search function at the top of the 04 screen, you can narrow down the score data according to the criteria you set.
After completing the settings, click on "Search".

06Score Data

At the bottom of the screen in 04, the score data according to the conditions set in 05 will be displayed.
Also, you can switch the display content by three different tabs depending on the type of data to be aggregated.
The details of each tab are as follows.

▼Aggregation by User

For each user, answers to each question and the correct or incorrect answers are displayed next to each question.

▼Answer Details

Detailed information is displayed, including each user's answers to each question and the time required to answer it.

▼ Operation Log

For each question, the history of user operations is displayed.

※For surveys, only the "User-by-User Summary" and "Answer Details" will be displayed.

Item Selection

You can set the score data items to be displayed on the content screen and in the CSV data.
※For details on the process of opening the "Per content" screen and setting the extraction conditions, please refer toScreen display.

01Open a screen to select display items

Click on "Select item."

02Select item

Selected items are displayed on the right and the unselected ones on the left.
To move an item, tick the one and click the arrow icon.

03Sorting Items

The order of items can be changed by dragging and dropping each item in the "Selected" column with a click.

04Other Items

The following two settings are available
Tick to enable each item.

・Display search criteria in CSV
・Display HTML tags in CSV

When all settings are done, save the file.

Create CSV

You can output the score data for each content.
※For details on the process of opening the "Per content" screen and setting the extraction conditions, please refer toScreen display.
 If you want to set the items to be displayed in the CSV, see Select Items.

01Creating CSV

Select the tab that you want to tabulate.
Set extraction conditions and items, and click "Create CSV."

warning sign

Maximum number of search results

The "Search results: up to **" shown in all tabs is the maximum number of expected results that can be extracted.
Please note that the actual number of data displayed in the preview and the number of data created in the CSV may differ.

Download Report Contents

The content of submitted reports can be downloaded from the "Manage scores" screen.

01Open the Manage Scores

Click on "Scores" on the Dashboard.

02Go to Report screen

Click on the "Reports" tab on the Manage scores.
※It can also be accessed from "Scoring/analyzing" in the side menu. > "Scores"


Click on "Download" to the right of the target score data.
It is download as a ZIP file.

In addition, the "Last download time" shows the date and time of the most recent download.

Score Analysis

"Analyze scores" has been added as a new function.
You can view the tally board and rankings, and check scores per question or tag.
※"Analyze scores" is supported only in Normal mode of the quiz. It is NOT available in Master mode.

01Open the "Analyze scores" screen

Click on "Analyze scores" in the side menu.

02Select Content

Select a target content from the pull-down menu at the top of the screen and click "Search."

03Choose Analysis Method

The "Analyze scores" has the following four types of analysis methods.
You can check results on each tab.

Tally Board
Aggregation by Question
Aggregation by tag

Each of these is explained below.

04Summary Board

In this tab, you can check the status of their answers and the correctness of each question with numerical values and graphs.


Ranking enables you to check each user's score and answer time in a ranking format.

06Summary by Quiz

You can check the percentage and number of correct answers, and the correlation coefficient for each question.
You can also set "Bad questions."
It allows values between -1 and 1 to be specified, and defines a bad question if the correlation coefficient is below this value.
To set bad questions, select from the pull-down menu and click "Search."
Questions defined as bad questions will be ticked in the "Bad Question" column.

07Summary by Tag

When section tags or quiz tags are set, you can check the number of correct or incorrect answers and the percentage of correct answers for each tag .

08Search Function

The search function at the top of the screen allows you to narrow down the score data using the criteria you set.
※The items displayed will vary depending on the analysis method.