Input Field Settings

You can add or eliminate fields to be entered when registering users.

Available for:Group management editing/viewing role and role of Access to the settings


09.20.2023 / Ver2.23: Sign-in ID is not always required when signing in to learningBOX.

How to Use Input Field Settings

01Input field settings

Select "Manage users" > "Input field settings" in the side menu.


You can edit each item for user registration.

03Edit Items

To edit an item, click on the gear icon to the right of each item to open the popup below.
You can choose whether or not to use the item.
Click on "Save" when finished.

warning sign



Please note that if the item in question is used in an e-mail template, it cannot be set to not be used.

04Add item

You can add a new field by clicking on "Add."
Be sure to enter the field key and item name.
If you select Radio button/Checkbox/Pull-down menu for the input format, enter choices one line at a time in the "Options" field.
Click on "Add" to save the settings.

05Sorting Items

To reorder items, drag and drop a hamburger icon as shown in the following image.

Setup not to use login ID

Available for:Ver. 2.23 or higher

If you enter the "E-mail address" as a required field, you can set up the system so that the "Login ID" is not used.
However, the "Availability" and "Input Required" toggles are interlocked with each other (turning one On will also turn the other On).


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