Manage user integration

You can integrate scores, badges, and access log for two different accounts (an invalid and a valid account).

Available forGroup Management Editing Authority

Group management viewing privileges do not allow for user integration settings. You can only view the integration list.

What is "Integration"?

01How it works

Two accounts, one valid and the other invalid, can be integrated.
Please note that once the integration is performed, the data of the invalid account will be saved as part of the data of the valid one.
e.g.) When integrating A (valid) and B (invalid)
    A + B → Saved as A (including B data)

02What you can integrate

You can integrate the following items.

・Access log

warning sign


The certificate will not be integrated into the grade information.
If the source has already acquired a badge, the badge acquisition date and time for the destination will be overwritten by the badge acquisition date and time for the source.
  *Canceling the merge does not restore the pre-merger merge.
The suspended "in-study" quizzes will be resumed from the suspended data of the latest study date and time after the integration.
  *In the case of forced grading, only the interrupted data of the latest study date and time can be graded.
The quizzes in Master Mode will continue from the results of the latest study date after the integration.

Manage user integration

User merge


01Open "Manage user merge"

Click on "Manage users" in the side menu > "Manage user merge"

02User merge

Select the "Merge" tab.
Under "Select the user from whom you want to integrate," select an invalid account you wish to integrate.
Under "Select users to integrate with," select the valid account you wish to integrate.
Click on "Integrate selected users."
*Only users who belong to groups subject to group management privileges can be selected.

Click "Merge."

Check integration list


01Open the Integration List screen

Select the "Integration List" tab on the "User Integration Management" screen.

02Integration list

The previous integrations are listed.

03Search Window

In the search bar at the top of the screen, you can search by "integration date and time," "source user," and "target user."

04Integration details

You can check the details on each integration.
The following details can be confirmed.

▼ Scores

Click on "Score details," and you will see the merged score details.


Click on "Badge details" to check the details.

▼Sign-in details

Click on "Sign-in details" to view integrated access log.

05Cancel an Integration

To cancel an integration, tick the target one and click on "Batch revert."

Click "Revert".

Status of the Source User

When trying to activate the status of the source user, the following message will be displayed.

Deleting users

We describes the case of deleting the source and destination users.

▼Delete a source user

In the "Manage user merge" screen, the "source user" will be "deleted."
However, the integration data is preserved.
Make sure that you cannot cancel the integration.

▼Delete a destination user

The data will be deleted from the list on the "Manage user merge" screen.
In addition, the status of the user from whom the merger is being made can be changed to "active" on the user management screen.


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