Payment support

The currency [Japanese Yen/U.S. Dollar] at the time of settlement will change depending on the setting of your country of residence. (Japanese consumption tax is not included)
Only the owner administrator or a user authorized to access the settings page can use this service.

LearningBOX - Overseas support

Settlement currency when residing overseas

If the country of residence is set to a country other than Japan, settlement will be made in U.S. dollars.

Click "Upgrade" in the upper right corner of the screen to open the order screen.
*If you have already subscribed to a paid plan, the "Order Pro Plan" button will appear.

Payment support 01


On the order screen, charges are displayed in U.S. dollars and payment is made.

Payment support 02


After selecting a plan and options, click "Proceed to checkout" to proceed to the "Payment Procedure" screen.
Only "PayPal" can be selected as the payment method when paying in U.S. dollars.

Payment support 03