Course Navigation

The content study screen lists other content within the same course.
This allows you to review the entire course from the study screen without having to return to the course details screen, or start learning other content in the same course.

Available forlearningBOX Ver. 2.18 or higher


01Open Basic course settings

Log in as the owner account or as a user authorized to access the settings page.
Click on "Learning Preferences" > "Basic Course Settings" in the side menu.


Settings can be made in the "Navigation Settings" field at the bottom right of the "Basic Course Settings" screen.
To use the function, turn the "Use Course Navigation" toggle On.
You can choose whether the navigation window should appear on the left or right side of the study screen.
Save the settings.

User's Screen

01Create a course

As an example, let's create a course consisting of three types of content, headings, and clear conditions.

02Open a user's screen

Select a target course on the "Choose a Course" screen and proceed to study the content within the course.
The following navigation window will then appear on the content study screen.

03About the display in the course navigation window

The following is an explanation of each item displayed.

▼ Course Display

At the top of the window is a display about the course.
Click on the three-point reader icon to learn more about the course and to see the study rate.

▼ Content being studied

Content that is being studied is indicated by a "displaying" icon.
You can also check your study status here.
Click on the three-pointed reader icon to learn more about the content.

▼Other Contents

Clicking on other content displayed in the window will open the study window for that content.
Click on the three-point reader icon to learn more about the content, and you can also start learning from "Get Started".

▼Clearance Conditions

Click to see the details of the clearing conditions.

warning sign


You cannot start learning the content in the window if
Content that does not meet the publication period
Content that does not meet clearance requirements
Unselected Selected Content
Content that has reached the study limit
Content that does not meet IP restrictions


In course navigation, there are cases where users accidentally clicking on the wrong test can cause problems, such as tests with a one-time limit on the number of times a user can take the course.
To counter this, a page can be set up that announces an explanation or warning about the content before the user clicks on the content to proceed with the study.
※For more information about how to set address and language, refer to Manage content explanations.