Outline settings

This function allows users to announce explanations and cautions about the content before they start learning it.


RequirementContent management editing role

01Go to "Manage contents"

Click on "Manage content."

02Select "Outline settings"

Right-click on the content or click on the gear icon and select "Outline settings."

03Create a template

Select "Create new template."
From the "Template Settings" pull-down, select "Create a new template.
  Manage outline templates as well.


Set up the following four items.
Click on "Save" when finished.

▼ Code

Set a unique code (only single-byte alphanumeric characters and "_" are allowed).

▼ Display name

Set a display name.


Enter a content outline or notes to be displayed.
You can decorate text and insert tables, images, and links clicking icons.

▼ Start button text

You can set the text of the Start button.

User Interface

01Select a Course

Click on "Choose a Course."

02Open a user's screen

On the Course Details screen, open the Study screen for the content in question.
You will then see a pop-up with a set pre-description.
Click the Start button to start the content.

Manage templates

This section describes the management of templates for outline settings.

01Open the Manage outline templates.

In the side menu, select "Content Management" > "Content Advance Description Management".

02About Each Item

The following screen will open.

03Create a new template

Click on "Create new."
※For more information on the fields to be entered, see How to set up.

04Delete a template

Tick the box to the left of the target template.
Then click on "Delete selected template."

05Edit Template

Click on "Edit" on the template.
※For more information about the item to be edited, see How to set up.

06Assign a template

Click on "Assignment" in the target template.
Tick the content to assign and save it.
*It can also be set from the content management screen.
 For more information, go to How to set up.


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