Custom registration fields

You can custom registration fields on your profile.

Available forGroup management role and Access to the setting page role



01Open “Manage user information setting”

Select "User Management" > "Registration Field Settings" in the side menu.

02Display of the setting screen

Following are included in this setting screen:


All fields will be listed.
What you have set in the "Input field Settings" tab will be displayed here.

▼Switch displays

You can set which field to be displayed on your profile screen.
Each field is displayed when the toggle switch is set to "On," and is not when "Off."
If you set the field to "Required" in the "Input Field Settings" tab, it will appear on the "Edit your profile" screen as a required field.

Starting with learningBOX Ver. 2.18, the login ID can be set to be hidden in the "Registration Field Settings".
 If this is set, the login ID will not be displayed on the user's "Change Profile" screen.
 (If you choose to hide it, your e-mail address must be shown.)

▼Edit disabled

If you tick the "Edit disabled," you will not be able to edit relevant fields in the "Edit your Profile" screen.

▼Set a description

You can set a supplemental description for each field.

▼Change fields orders

You can change the order of fields displayed on the "Edit your profile" screen.
Put the cursor on the three-line-icon on the left side of each field and drag it.

Click on "Save."


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