Scoring of Reports

Here is an explanation of the scoring of reports.

Available forScore management role

Check scores

You can check the report scores at a glance.

01Go to Report screen

Open the grade management screen and select the "Reports" tab.

02Display mode

First, please select the content to be displayed on the screen from "Scores" and "Import History".
Scores: Displays the grades of the reports in the Scores.
Import history: Displays the history of data imported by Excel.
*For more information, seeExcel Import/Excel Creation.

03Search items

The following is an explanation of the "Scores" screen.
At the top of this screen, there is a column where you can search for scores.
You can narrow down the items you wish to view.

Quiz Types
Display period
Study Status
Number of outputs

You can also choose to view all scores or only those reports awaiting scoring.

04Show Details

Click on the "Details" button on the far right of the report in question.
You can check the detailed contents of the report.
You can also delete scores from the "Delete scores" button.


01Individual scoring

You can score the report by clicking on the "Score" button on the right side of the target report.
Set the score, pass/fail, and whether or not resubmission is allowed.
Also, if you have something to tell the user about the report, please include it in the "Enter Feedback" field.
When all settings are done, save the file.

02Batch scoring

Reports can also be batch scored.
*For more information, seeExcel Import/Excel Creation.

File upload of correction results

You can upload a file of the correction results.
*For more information, seeUpload file of corrections when grading reports..

Individual scoring by question

When scoring a quiz with multiple content in the "Report/questionnaire" format, it can be saved even in the progress of scoring.
In the same way, you can upload a file that has been graded up to the halfway point when grading on Excel.
*For more information, seeIndividual Scoring of Reports by Question.

Mail notification function

Users with Score management roles can be notified of score requests for reports awaiting scoring and view a history of email notifications.

01Open the Report Scoring Request Notification Registration Screen

Open the grade management screen and select the "Reports" tab.
Next, click on "E-mail Notification Function" > "E-mail Notification".

02Set the delivery period

Set the "Delivery Start Date" and "Delivery End Date".

03Set delivery date and time

Please set the date of delivery from "daily/day of the week/day of the week/day of the week".
Also, please select the delivery start time from the pull-down menu.
When settings are complete, save it.

04Email notification list

Click on "Email Notification List.""Score management notification History."The screen opens.

05About each icon

Click on the magnifying glass icon in (1) to see the criteria for narrowing down your search.
Click on the cog icon at ➁ to re-edit the report scoring request notification registration.
You can delete the notification history by clicking on the trash can icon in (3).

Excel Import / Excel Creation

Report scores can be output in Excel or scored and uploaded to learningBOX.

01Creating Excel

Click on "Create Excel" to download the report scores displayed on the screen in Excel.

02Excel View

When you open the downloaded Excel file, you will see the following
Here you can enter your scores, pass/fail, and whether or not you are allowed to resubmit.
When all done, please save it.

03Excel Import

Click on "Excel Import" and from "Choose File" select the file saved in 02 and upload it.
The scores and other information you entered will be reflected.

04history of an image capture

Under "View Mode," select "Import History."
The history of scoring and importing in Excel is listed.
Also, the content here can be narrowed down by time period.

Download Report Contents

Submitted reports can be downloaded from the grade management screen.

01Go to Report screen

Open the grade management screen and select the "Reports" tab.


Click on "Download" to the right of the target score data.
It is download as a ZIP file.

In addition, the "Last download time" shows the date and time of the most recent download.


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