You can specify groups and users and create timetables.
The created schedule will be displayed on the dashboard.

Schedule Settings

We have the following three formats.

Display format #1: Week

Display format #2: Day

Display format #3: List

How to Create a Schedule

Select "Manage users" > "Schedule" from the side menu.

To set up a schedule, click on "+Create."

*For more information, see  How to Create a Schedule.

Time Display

For the time display, click on the gear button.
*For more information, see  Time display.

Set Content on the Timetable

*For more information, see  How to set content on schedule.


warning sign


・Contents in the shortcut folder
・Contents in the shortcut course
・Interlocking content
・Courses distributed from other environments
・Contents with scenes-setting
・Contents not assigned to the user who is on the schedule

Notify the schedule on the Dashboard

Tick the box to notify the schedule.

At the specified time, a pop-up will appear on the Dashboard.

Display on the Dashboard

The created schedule can be displayed on the Dashboard.

*For more information, see  Schedule display on the Dashboard.


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