The Role of "gear icon" in Manage scores

The following explain settings available from the gear icon on Manage scores.

Menu List

The following three menu settings are available

・Display settings
・Open quizzes
・Your scores

warning sign



Every user can edit the "Display settings".
Only admin or a user/users with score management editing role can edit the "Open quizzes settings" and "Result display settings".

Display Settings

You can set the items to be displayed on the Manage scores.
Tick the items you want to display.
Available items depend on your management role.
Details are as follows

・When having a score management editing role: Items shown on "Your scores," "List," and "Reports".
・When having a score management viewing role:  Items shown on "Your scores" and "List".
If you don't have any roles:  Items shown on "Your scores".

Open quizzes settings

You can set whether or not to show scores for Open quizzes on the Manage scores.
Turn the toggle ON to show the scores.

Result Display Settings

You can hide your own scores and progress record.
Turn the toggle ON to show the scores.
*Admin/a user with the score management role can see scores from the side menu even if the toggle is turned off.


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