Overview of Manage scores

Users can check their own grades and study progress, and administrators can check the grades of other users and grade reports.

Difference between users and administrators

The menu is different for users with and without grade management privileges.

▼User with no permissions

Only your own grades are displayed on the grade management screen.
In addition, the left side menu shows only "View Grades" for anything related to grades.
As for content, only content related to your own performance, such as badges and certificates you have earned, will be displayed.

▼ Users with grade management authority

In addition to "My Grades", the following tabs appear on the grade management screen.
List: All the results of the users belonging to the authorized group can be viewed at a glance.
By material: You can check the results for each material for which you are entitled (only for quizzes, tests, or questionnaires).
Reporting: Allows you to manage reports.
Personal chart: You can check your personal chart.


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