Add a spot contract

There is a "spot add order" that temporarily increases the number of account registrations during the contract period of a paid plan.
This allows owner-managers to add additional account registrations without waiting for the paid plan contract to expire.
*The contracts based on spot additional orders are hereinafter referred to as "spot contracts" and the existing contracts that are not spot contracts are hereinafter referred to as "prime (or main) contracts.


Please note the following when placing an additional spot order

1. Only the number of people (accounts) can be added to a spot add-on order.
2. The contract period for spot additional orders is in one-month increments.
3. Spot contracts cannot be made for a period of time that exceeds the end date of the main contract.
4. The billing amount is calculated as (monthly unit price of the main contract license) x (number of contract months).
5. You can order another new spot contract to overlap the existing spot contract period.
6. Multiple additional spot orders can be placed within the main contract period.
7. If the number of registered accounts for the main contract is exceeded at the end of the spot contract period, users registered during the spot contract period will be deactivated and registered in the "Auto Deactivation" group.
8. Additional spot orders cannot be placed during the period prior to the transition from a free plan to a paid plan. In addition, if you are transferring to a free plan after your paid plan ends, you cannot place an additional spot order beyond the end date of your paid plan contract.

Pattern-by-pattern introduction

01If one additional spot order is placed

Main Contract: Starter 100 ⇒ To make Starter 200 for only one month within the contract period (add 100 accounts)
Amount billed: Starter 100 (1 month) = 5,500 yen (tax included)

02When multiple additional spot orders are placed

*1. New additional spot orders that overlap with existing spot contract periods are also possible.
*2. Additional license agreements for the main contract can be ordered even if they overlap with existing spot contract periods.

03When additional spot orders are not available

*1. Additional spot orders cannot be placed during the period prior to the start of paid plans.
2. If you do not continue to renew your subscription (return to a free plan) after the end of your paid plan contract, you cannot place a spot order beyond the end date of your paid plan contract.

04After the end of Spot accounts

Example) If 100 accounts are added by spot additional order during the main contract period of Starter 100.

When the spot contract ends, the account will revert back to the main contract of the Starter 100, and the maximum number of accounts will be 100.
Therefore, the 100 accounts added after the spot contract will be invalid and you will not be able to log in.

Procedure for ordering additional spot orders

01Open the Add Spot Order screen.

Click on "Paid Plan Orders" > "Add Spot" at the top of the screen.

02Set each item

Set "Desired Number of Spots to be Added," "Desired Start Date of Spot Addition," and "Spot Addition Period.
After completing the settings, tick the "I agree to the Terms of Use" box and click "Go to Payment Procedures".

03settlement procedure

When you select all items, go to the "Checkout process."
Confirm your order and select a payment method, then go on to the payment procedure.
The rest is the same as a normal web order.

04Determination of payment method

Once the payment method is confirmed, the "Procedure Completed" screen will appear.


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