Access log

Access logs are explained below.
The owner administrator or a user with configuration page access privileges can review everyone's access logs.
On the other hand, users without administrative role can only see their own access logs.


2022.03.09 / Ver2.17: 認証失敗時のログ情報を取得できるようになりました。

Monitoring the access log

01Open Access log window

Click on Account Name > "Access Log" in the upper right corner of the screen.
Access can also be made from "System Analysis" > "Access Log" in the side menu.

02Sample screen

The following information is displayed: "access date/time, status, login ID, name/display name, IP address, browser/OS.

03Search Function

You can search by access date, status, user information, etc.

04Display at Status of sign-in / sign-out

When you sign-in / sign-out, "Sign-in succeeded" and "sign-out" are displayed in the "Status" column, respectively.

05Display when authentication fails

When login fails, "Login ID Authentication Failed" or "Password Authentication Failed" will be displayed in the "Status" column.

Create CSV

You can download access logs in CSV format.

01CSV download

Click "Create CSV".

02Display CSV data

Access log information is displayed.


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