Login Settings

You can set up a GDPR-compliant login form that displays the Terms of Use when you log in to learningBOX, change your password, or register your personal information.
*GDPR stands for "General Data Protection Regulation.
The regulation is applicable within the European Economic Area (EEA), including the EU, and aims to unify the personal data protection laws in the EU member states.

Available forUsers granted user management privileges and configuration page access privileges

01Open the Setup screen at login

Click on "Manage users" on the side menu or "Users" on Dashboard.
Click on the gear icon of the "Manage users" screen and select "Input field settings."
On the "User Information Settings Management" screen that opens, open the "Login Settings" tab.

02Items that can be set

There are three main types of items that can be set.
Terms of Use
(2) Change initial password
Personal Information Registration

Each item is explained in detail.

03Terms and Conditions

In the "Terms of Use" field, please set each of the following items.

Enable ▼Terms and Conditions Agreement Screen

To activate the Terms of Use, please first turn this toggle On.

▼Terms and Conditions Name

Enter the name of the Terms of Use.

▼Terms and Conditions

Please enter the contents of the Terms of Use.
A menu at the top of the input field allows you to change the text color and insert tables and links.

To add a Terms of Use, click on "Add Terms of Use".
Save the settings.

04Change initial password

To enable the initial password change, turn the "Let me change the initial password" toggle On.
Save the settings.

05Personal Information Registration

In the "Personal Information Registration" field, please set each of the following items.

▼Enable registration settings

To activate the registration setting, first turn this toggle On.

▼ Let the initial name be changed.

To enable the initial name change, please turn this toggle On.

▼ Have them enter their first and last names separately.

To have the first and last name entered separately, turn this toggle On.
*Be sure to set the "Let initial name change" toggle to On.

▼ Target Items

If you wish to have items other than the initial name changed, please tick the appropriate boxes.
*Multiple selections are available.

Save the settings.

06Target Group

If you wish to target a specific group, please tick the appropriate group.
*If not specified, all users are targeted.
Save the settings.