Input field settings

You can add additional fields to be entered when registering users, or eliminate unnecessary fields.

Available forGroup management privileges and configuration page access privileges

How to use input field settings

01Open the input field setting screen

Select "User Management" > "Input Field Settings" in the side menu.

02How the screen look like

The "Input Field Settings" tab of the "User Information Settings Management" screen will appear.
Here you can edit/manage the items required for user registration.

03Edit Items

To edit an item, click on the gear icon to the right of each item to open the "Update Fields" screen.
By toggling the Availability toggle, you can choose whether or not to use the item.
Click on "Save."

04Add item

You can add a new item at the bottom of the screen by clicking on "Add Field" at the bottom of the screen.
Be sure to enter the field key and item name.
If you selected radio buttons/check boxes/pull-downs for the input format, please enter your choices one line at a time in the "Options" field.
After completing the settings, click "Add".

05Sorting Items

To reorder items, hover over the hamburger icon on the far left and move the item when it takes the shape of a hand.


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