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AI automatically generates quiz/test questions.

RequirementVer. 2.23 or higher, content management editing privileges

About AI Assist

This function allows questions to be automatically generated and added to the quiz/test creation form.
There are two ways to use this function: from "video," "PDF," or "Web page" materials registered in the LearningBOX in advance, or from "text" or "URL" materials.

Data References

Please refer to the table below for the reference source of the data used to automatically generate the questions.

Videos Questions are generated based on the audio data of the video materials.
*Information contained in the video will not be reflected in the quiz.
PDF Generate questions based on the character information used in the PDF file.
Web page teaching materials It generates questions based on the textual information used in the Web page.
text Questions are generated based on the text content entered.
URL For websites: Questions are generated based on text information extracted by scraping.
For YouTube: Generate questions based on the subtitles of the video.

*Scraping is a technique for extracting, formatting, and analyzing arbitrary information from a website.

How to create quizzes and tests using AI Assist

Let me explain how to create a quiz/test using AI Assist.
*First, regarding the basic process of creating a quiz/test, please refer to this Create Quiz and Test.

01Open AI Assist

Open the Content Management page and open the Quiz/Test Creation Form.
Next, click on the icon with the red frame that appears in the lower right corner of the creation form screen.

02Selecting a Referer

Select from the pull-down menu which content you would like to automatically generate quizzes from.
Next, select the question format and number of questions.
*There are two types of question formats that can be generated by AI Assist: "Selected Question/Quick Selected Question".

03Automatic generation of questions

Click "Generate by AI" to automatically generate questions.

Place a ☑ on the question you wish to add to the Quiz and Test Creation Form and click "Add to Form".


The selected questions will be added to the form.
Check the contents and if there are no problems, save the file.

Number of times used

AI Assist" has a limited number of uses (depending on your plan).
Please note that each use will be counted as a usage count.
*For more information, refer toAI Assist.".


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