Detect pause

Normal mode allows a user to pause a quiz/exam while answering.
However, if you edit the content of a quiz/exam that a user has already paused, the edited content will not be immediately reflected in his/her screen.
Therefore, when editing a content paused by a user, a notice will be displayed to the editor.


An optional value for the quiz/exam allows you to set the restart/resume function.
The quiz can be interrupted and resumed in the middle of the quiz.


Select either the "+" icon > "Quiz/Test" > "Create Quiz" or "Create Test" on the content management screen.

02Add an option

Add/specify options in the creation form.
To use the interrupt resume function option, the mode must be specified as "normal mode (normal mode)".
From the Add Options section, click on "Suspend and Resume Function" to add it.

03Type of resume function

There are different types of resumes.
When "On" is selected, a user can choose to "Resume" or "Restart" when resuming.
※If "Resume only" is specified, only "Resume" can be selected and you cannot start over from the beginning.

Detect pause

When editing a quiz/exam paused by a user, the data is detected and a notice is displayed to the editor.

01Display a notice

Open "Manage contents."
Right-click on the quiz or click on the gear icon and select "Edit" or "Re-upload."
If data paused by a user exists, a notice will be displayed as shown below.

※Choose whether to delete or edit the data without deleting it (or upload it if you choose ”Re-upload").

warning sign



Only users with "Content Management Authorization + Grade Management Editing Authorization" can move to the Grade Management screen from the above screen.
If you have only content management privileges or content management privileges + grade management viewing privileges, the screen will be displayed, but you will not be able to go to the grade management screen.

02Delete pause data

To delete pause data, click on the gray area with a name and the number of the quiz/exam.
Clicking this area takes you to the list of the "Manage contents" and you can delete the data.

On the user's screen, the edits will be reflected and he/she needs to answer the quiz/exam from the beginning anew.

03Edit/upload a quiz/exam

To edit a quiz/exam without deleting pause data, click on "Continue to edit."
(To re-upload, click "Continue to re-upload.")
On the user's screen, the edit will NOT be reflected and he/she can resume from the pause data.


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