Site customizer

 Site customizer

You can change basic information of the site, modify the design and customize the side menu by yourself.
This function is available for Design customizationorDedicated server.This is for customers who have signed a contract for
*We will not be able to address any issues that arise as a result of your use of the Site Customizer.
 For more information on issues that may arise, please contact contact us..


Update History

From 2021.07.16 / Ver. 2.15, Site customizer has been added.How to Use

Usage of Site customizer


Basic setting

(Logo, favicon, sign-in image, OGP image, sign-in form, FROM email address changes, breadcrumbs)


Design Changes


Set up the side menu


How to view Site customizer


01Open the Site Customizer

Click "System Settings" > "Site Customizer" from the side menu.


02Site customizer

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