Badge List

The following is an explanation of the badge list.

Check badge list

You can see a list of the badges you have earned.

01Open Badge List screen

Click on "View Results" > "Badge List" in the left side menu.

02View List

Badges with set content categories are displayed in a list.
The parent category displays the total number of badges you have set for the category and the number of badges you have earned within that category.

03Transition to Study Screen

Clicking on a badge will display the content for which the badge is set.

If only one content is set
Clicking on the badge will take you to the study screen for the content you have set up.

When multiple contents are set.
Clicking on the badge will display the set content in a small screen and take you to the learning screen for the selected content.
You can also click "..." in the lower right corner of the content to see where the content is stored.