New Registration (Administrator)

New account registration (administrator)

This page will guide you through the registration process for a new learningBOX account. This service is divided into administrators (parent users) and members (child users). You can find more information about setting up members and groups and registering additional users in this article.
About member and group management

About the registration process of learningBOX

First, go to the learningBOX registration page.
Click here for the registration page of learningBOX

Step 1: Click "Free Trial" in the sidebar.

E-learning - free access

Enter the information required to register an account.

E-learning - free access

Please fill in the form from the top and check ☑I agree to the Terms of Use at the end, then click Confirm. Before using this site, please make sure you read > Privacy Policy and > Terms of Use.

E-Learning System - Start for Free

Check the contents of the account registration information.
If there are no errors in the content, click Register with the above content. If you want to modify the information, click [Go back and re-edit] to return to the editing screen.

learningBOX - Start for free

Step 4, your account will be registered.
It will take some time to register your account, so please wait a little while without closing the screen.

learningBOX - free

Registration for the learningBOX is complete.

Once you have registered for an account, you will receive the following information about learningBOX account registration to your registered email address.

LearningBOX - free of charge

Login to ▼learningBOX.
Guidance on how to use and operate the learningBOX will be displayed.

login screen of learningBOX

▼ Here are some sample teaching materials.
If you are having trouble creating teaching materials, or if you don't know how to use the software, please take a look at these initial teaching materials. If you still don't understand how to use the software after reading the initial materials, please refer to this article. ➡➡ Things you can do with learningBOX

learningBOX-Initial materials