Interlocking content

You can set grade conditions for specific materials and display new and different materials only to users who meet those conditions.
This makes it possible to set up a system where users who fail a test are given a make-up test.

How to Set Up

01Setting Screen

As an example, the following explain as: "Have the students who fail a test watch a video for review and retake the test.
Click on the gear icon and select "Interlocking content settings."
*This settings are available for courses/folders and all contents.

02Select Contents

Select the target contents.
*You cannot select a course or folder.

03Set the Release Condition

Study Status: set the status as a condition.
On: add a condition of course attempt limits.
Click on "Save."
*To delete a condition once set, click "Delete".

warning sign

 The following contents cannot be set in the schedule.

*If Study status are set as only "Learned & answered / waiting for scoring," the content will be published, but once the admin scores it, the condition will no longer match, and the status will be private again.

04Retake a test after viewing a video

Click on the gear icon and select the Interlocking content settings as the same above.
Study Status: Set to Learned & answered / Waiting for scoring.

05Display after Settings

When you hover the cursor over the icon, "Content name of the source and Study status" will be displayed.


Click to go to the source content and highlight it.

User's Screen

01When Signing-in

When a user sign-in, only test(s) is/are initially shown.

02Display after Taking a Test

If a user takes a test and fail, a review video will be shown.

03Display after Watching Video

After watching the review video, a new test will be shown.


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