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Preventing video skipping

Video-based learning is a highly recommended content for online learning and online classes that can be watched over and over again and is highly recommended for children to review and prepare for.

LearningBOX is an e-learning system that allows customers to upload their own videos as learning materials, and also allows them to skip videos with detailed settings to prevent them from being played back.

How to Disable Skip Playback

Log in to learningBOX with your administrator account and click on Content Management in the side menu.

learningBOX content features

From the contents management screen, click on "Video" in the upper left-hand menu (+ mark).

Online Learning - Video Resources

Enter the title of the video and click on "Select file. Select the video you want to register, check "Skip Playback Disabled" and click "Save".
Online Learning - Learning with Video

How to disable skip play from the edit screen

With learningBOX, you can reconfigure the registered videos from the editing screen.
Select the video you want to edit and click the gear button to go to the advanced settings of the video.

learningBOX-Uploading videos


learningBOX - How to upload a video

If you check "Disable Skip Playback", the following icon will appear.

learningBOX - How to upload videos