Assessment of video resources

Sending grades for video materials

When you learn the video material in learningBOX, the video grades are sent to you as follows. In this article, as an exercise, we will use an example of a video from the initial learningBOX materials.

Let's log in with the pre-prepared learner accounts "Student A, Student B, and Student C" and see how the grades change.

learningBOX - video teaching results


If the video material has been opened and the play button has not been clicked, the learner has not yet learned the material. Log in with Student A's account.

Grades for video materials

while studying

Open the video material and click the play button. If you do not watch the entire video and close it, the system will assume that you are still learning. If the learner watches the video until there are 15 seconds left, the learning is complete.

Grades for video materials

Study Complete

Open the video material and click the play button. The learner is considered complete when they have watched the video and have 15 seconds left to watch it.

Grades of video materials -2

Brief summary.

The grade submission for the video material will look like this.

Please login to learningBOX and go to Manage Grades.

Video grade management-learningBOX

▼ The grades for the video materials are displayed like this.
Video grade management-learningBOX