This section explains how to register and set up PDF files.
*Functions may not work properly depending on the specifications of your device.

PDF Registration

Available forlearningBOX Ver2.19, [PDF-5.0] or higher / Content Management Editing Authority

Upload PDF

Click on the "+" icon in the upper left corner of the content management screen > "Educational Materials" > "PDF".
This function requires a version setting of 【PDF-5.0】 or higher.
※For more information about how to set address and language, refer toUpdate generator..
*When re-uploading a PDF, highlighting or handwriting with a pen may be corrupted. Please be aware of this.

setup procedure
1: Enter a title.
2: "From Select File" > Add PDF file.
3: Sets the scroll direction, initial tool values, and display of the highlight function.
4: Set permission to download and print PDFs.
5: Select the language setting from the pull-down menu, and finally click the Save button to finish setting.
*This applies to the "Toolbar" function displayed in the lower right corner of the screen, "Function Description".

PDF Scroll Direction

01Scroll direction

The scroll direction can be specified from "portrait or landscape.
If set to vertical scroll, the PDF will move up and down.

If set to horizontal scrolling, the PDF will move left to right.
The display function for reading PDF files to the left is not supported.

Toolbar Features

You can set the initial selection of tools from four choices: "Hand," "Highlight," "Pen," or "None."

01palm (of one's hand)

The display position of the page can be moved "up and down" or "left and right" according to the scroll direction.


A highlighter can be applied to the selected text.
Color opacity can also be set.

03Pens and erasers

You can use a pen to write freely by hand.
*The eraser can be used to erase markers and handwritten text written with "Highlight" and "Pen".


Bookmarks can be set for each page.

05My Notebook

You can leave a note for each tool you used.

Click on the paper airplane icon to go to the page where you can use the tool.

06Print & Download

You can print or download the PDF.

warning sign


When "printing" or "downloading" a PDF, the PDF before using the tool is reflected.

Grade Details

You can check the status when viewing PDFs from the grade details.
The achievement rate is displayed based on page views from Ver. 2.19, [PDF-5.0].


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