Media Management

You can add files of images, videos and audio.
The files will be delivered via CDN.
※CDN stands for "Content Delivery Network."

Update History

Media management has been added since 2022.3.9 / Ver. 2.17.

Add media

Available forlearningBOX Ver. 2.17 or higher
※Media management is available only for an admin and members with a role of "Access to the setting page."

01Click on "Media management"

From the side menu, click "Media Management" from the pull-down menu next to System Settings.

02Add media

Click on "Choose a file."
You can add multiple media at the same time.

03Enter a "Base distribution path"

Since this is an exercise, upload an image file and type "sample-picture".
Enter a "Distributed file name/Explanation" and click on "Save."

04Edit the file

Click on the gear button.

05Broadcast URL

Click on Broadcast URL to check the uploaded file.
※Broadcast URL is what you can access while signing in.

06Delete media

Click on the icon in the red frame to delete.

07Download Media

Click on the icon in the red frame.

08Excel output

You can download an Excel file.

warning sign


・Uploadable file size depends on the license.
※See more aboutNormal License.
・Mac/Safari prevents you from displaying images, videos, PDFs, etc. on html.
When using Safari, turn off "Prevent cross-site tracking" in your privacy settings.

For a paid plan

01Open quiz

Set "On/Off."
※Setting "On" enables you to access the media without signing in.

02Settings from the list

You can set "Publish/Stop."

03Public URL

Click on the public URL to view the media you have set up.
※Public URL is what you can access without signing in.

Add media to Web page

A single URL will help you to save storage status when delivering a large file.
Check the direction below to add media to a "Web page."
As an exercise, we will show you how to add media to a web page.

01Click on "Web page creation form"

Click Insert/edit link and paste the URL.

02Click on "Image"

Images registered in Media Management are displayed.

03Setting from the image icon

Click on the image icon.
Paste the Broadcast URL and click on "OK."


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