Page after sign-in settings

You can change the page you access immediately after login.
*Please note that if the page setting immediately after login was set to "Study" in Ver. 2.16, the page transition destination will change to "Select Course" in Ver. 2.17 or later.

Update History

From 2022.03.09 / Ver. 2.17, "Load Recommended Environment" was added.
From 2021.11.17 / Ver. 2.16, a function to check compatible terminals has been added.

Ability to set the page immediately after login

Available forlearningBOX Ver. 2.17 or higher

01Open the page setup screen immediately after login.

In the side menu, click on "System Settings" > "Page Settings Immediately After Login".

02Select from existing pages

Clicking on the pull-down menu for "Choose from existing pages" will bring up four options: "My Page," "Choose a Course," "Personal Chart," and "Dashboard.

03Specify URL

You can specify directly by entering a URL.

04Set an image

Click on the image icon, enter the source of the image, and click the "OK" button.
*This time, as an example, we will set the logo of learningBOX.

05Welcome Page Setup

Activate "Show the welcome page."
Edit the title and content in the red frame below.

06Check the preview

Click the "Preview" button to see the welcome page you have set up.

07Enable to re-submit

The welcome page is usually displayed only when you log in for the first time.
If you want the welcome page to continue to appear after the first time, set the "Allow redisplay" toggle to enable.
This is theDashboardYou can also set up a link from
 Design customizationAlternatively, you can use the Dedicated servercustomers can set up a "Welcome Page" in the side menu.
To set the side menu, click onSet up the side menu.

08Click on "Save"

View Welcome Page

01Log in

Log in with your user account.


Clicking "Next" will take you to the page set in the "Page Setup Immediately After Login" screen.

Login-enabled terminal setting function

You can set and check the OS and browser versions that are allowed to be used for devices such as PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

Available forlearningBOX Ver. 2.17 or higher

01Open the page setup screen immediately after login.

Click on "System Settings" > "Page Settings Immediately After Login" in the left side menu.

02Open the tab for log-in enabled device settings.

03Setting up a login-enabled terminal

Click here to "Load Recommended Environment settings".
Click here to set the initial settings of the devices that can be logged in.

04Load recommended environment

Click "OK" to set the recommended environment for learningBOX.

warning sign

Notes on configuring login-enabled devices

Note 1": the learningBOXRecommended SetupsSave operation is not possible from an operating system that is not
Note 2: For operating systems that do not have a login enable/disable setting in the list of supported devices, the message "This operating system is not supported. is displayed for operating systems that do not have a login enable/disable setting in the list of supported devices.
Note 3: Owner administrator login is not subject to the supported device check.
Note 4": When specifying the latest version of macOS, specify "10.15" for system convenience. (*Number greater than 10.15 cannot be entered.)

05Settings for not allowing login

If you select "Do not allow users to log in," you can set whether or not to add a destination screen and a link to the destination screen.

06Supported device display screen

Specify the destination from the pull-down menu.

07Add link

You can specify the link here.

08Save settings

Enter the name of the button and the destination URL.
*If you save the button without entering a name for it, "Back" will be displayed.


10Compatible handset list screen

An alert will be displayed if you log in using a device other than the one you have set up to support the system.

Supported terminal setting function

Download speed test and media check

Before users learn the content, they can have an Internet connection "speed measurement and audio playback" test performed.
Please note that this function can only be set for content.

01Open the compatible device setting screen.

Open the Content Management page.
Right-click on the content in question or click on the gear icon and select "Compatible Device Settings".

02Select a template

Select and save the template.

warning sign

How to set and edit the template

Click "New" to go to the Create New Template screen.
Click "Edit" to go to the edit screen of the selected template.
Only the owner administrator or a user who has been granted access to the settings page can create and edit them.

03Download Speed Test

The test can be performed by clicking on the "Start Measurement" button.
Clicking "Cancel" will force termination.
*This will be done on the study screen of the content.

04voice test

The test can be performed via the playback button.
Please select either "I can't hear" or "I can hear".
Clicking "Cancel" will force termination.

Supported devices setting templates

Detailed settings for "Download Speed Test" and "Media Check" are available here.

*Only the owner administrator or a user authorized to access the settings page can operate the above settings.

01Open the Compatible Device Setting Template Management Screen

Click on "Study Preferences" > "Supported Device Template Management" in the left side menu.
To create a new template, click on "Create New"; to edit an existing template, click on the gear icon of the target template.

02Select "Download Speed Check / Audio test

Please enter a description of the template and a set value for the standard communication speed.

03Setting whether or not to allow learning

Choose whether to let the user learn if the criteria are not met.
When all settings are done, save the file.
*Set the media check in the same way.

Results of compatible terminal confirmation

01Open the results screen

On the "Choose a Course" screen, click on the grades icon in the panel for the content in question.

02Display of terminal information

*If you have not set up the compatible device confirmation when logging in, this field will be left blank.

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