IP Restriction Management

This function sets restrictions so that content cannot be accessed from specific IP addresses.

How to Restrict Source IP Access

RequirementUsers with Access to the settings

01Manage IP Restrictions

In the side menu, select "System Settings" > "IP Restrictions Management".

02Add Access Lists

Click on "Add Access List."

03Access List Name/ Accessible IP address

Enter the "Access list name" and "Accessible IP addresses."
"Access list code" is also available if necessary.

How to restrict sign in

RequirementGroup management editing privileges + settings page access privileges

01Add Sign-in Restrictions

To set login restrictions, go to the "Login Restrictions" tab and click on "Add Login Restrictions".

02Select Group and Access List

Select "Group" and "Access List" from the pull-down menu.

How to restrict access to content

RequirementContent allocation authority + setting page access authority

01Add Browsing Restrictions

Open the "Content Viewing Restrictions" tab and click on "Add Content Viewing Restrictions".

02Select Content, Group, And Access List

Select "Contents/Groups/Access Lists" and click "Add".

03Settings on Manage contents

Go to Manage contents, and right-click on the target content or click on the gear icon. Select "IP address restriction."

04Add Browsing Restrictions

Set up in the same way as the above procedure.


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