Group batch registration/download

Groups can be registered with a hierarchical structure in mind.
Only newly registered/updated records are displayed, so you can see where you have newly registered/updated.

Terms and Conditions of UselearningBOX Ver. 2.17 or higher

Update History

Group batch CSV registration and download functions have been renewed since 2022.03.09 / Ver. 2.17.

Download groups in batches

01Open Manage members

Click on "Manage members"

02Batch download groups in CSV

Click on the "+" icon > "Batch Operation (CSV)" > "Group Download" to complete.

Register and update groups in batches

01Edit in Excel

Open the downloaded CSV data in Excel.

02Enter the group code

Set the group code.

warning sign


The group code is limited to 30 characters, including one-byte alphanumeric characters, "-", ". The group code is limited to 30 characters.
The alphabet is not case-sensitive.
Group codes that begin with "g" or "G" and use "an integer greater than or equal to 0" cannot be used unless the group ID matches.
If the group code is blank, it is set automatically.
The code of an existing group cannot be changed.

The "Group Code" can be found in the upper right corner of the Manage members screen, by clicking on the gear icon > "Edit Group" > archive icon.

03Enter your registered name

Set the registration name (group name).

warning sign


The registration name can be up to 30 characters long.
The "|" and "⌘" are not available.
If the registration name is blank at the time of update, it is assumed that an existing group name is specified.

04Enter the number of accounts available for registration

Sets the number of accounts that can be registered. Leave blank if not needed.

05Enter parent group code

By setting a parent group code, a child group can be created under the specified parent group.

warning sign


If you enter a code that does not exist, a new group will be created.
The parent group code of an existing group cannot be changed.

06Enter the parent group name

Enter the parent group name for the parent group code you set.
*The parent group name does not affect batch registration or updating, so it can be left blank.


Click the "+" icon > "Batch Operation" > "Add/Update groups" on the Member Management screen to upload CSV data.

07You can check it in the preview tab.

Once uploaded, a confirmation panel will appear and the contents of the data can be viewed in the "Preview" tab.
Data can be re-uploaded even while the confirmation panel is displayed. The uploaded data will be reflected in the "Preview" tab each time.

08You can check it on the Update Contents tab.

Selecting the "Update Contents" tab will display the data contents in table format.

warning sign


If an error exists in a line, the background color is pink.
If an error exists for each item, an error message is also displayed.

09Batch registration and renewal.

Confirm that no errors exist and click "Register" to complete.
If you have not been granted group management role, you will not be able to register/update.

Download new format

01Open group batch registration/update screen

Click on "Format" to download a new format.


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