Dedicated Server

Build a dedicated server for your learning environment. This allows you to choose your own system upgrade timing regardless of our system upgrade timing.

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A dedicated learning environment server that will not be affected by anyone.

Advantages of using a dedicated server

A stable version of learningBOX is available

You can select the schedule of the system upgrade.

A comfortable learning environment can be provided without being affected by the other company's usage status.

The URL becomes a unique domain.

Design customization can be done.

You can use your own e-mail address for the automatic e-mail sent from learningBOX.


Dedicated Server
Design Customization

JPY 495,000(

Intial Year Cost

Domain Name/Own Domain
Top Page/Customizable
First Year Cost/JPY 495,000 (
Next Year Cost/JPY 330,000 (

List of Functions



URL URL of your company’s domain
Email Sender E-mail address of company’s own domain
System upgrade schedule Upgrade according to the date and time desired by your company (9:00 to 18:00 on weekdays * Excluding holidays)
* There is an extra charge for late night updates.
Restriction by IP Settings such as permitting access only from your fixed IP
Logo Put your logo
Top Page You can change to the original design
Sidebar Change by sidebar manager
Additional CSS description You can adjust CSS.
Additional Javascript description You can embed Google Analytics tags.
SSL Setup Fee SSL specified by our company is free [assuming fuji-ssl] (* Updates and settings are required every two years)

* If you need to install separately with SSL specified by your company, 66,000 yen will be charged for installation.