Version 2.13.34

functional improvement

List of Certificates
1. Modified so that members whose status is invalid can be displayed.
Learn Contents
1. Changed the explanation of the Tally Board button to "You can view it when the grading is completed" when the status is "Waiting for Grading", and "You can view it when the status is "Pass" or "Fail" or "Answer Complete" when the status is "Studying".
1. The period during which additional requests for design customization cannot be made has been changed from "less than one month from the end of the contract" to "one month or less from the end of the contract".
2.Regarding the start date of design customization, it has been changed to allow users to select the date and time after 1 month for shared servers and after 2 months for dedicated servers.
1.Contents of contract > Option" has been changed to "Standard smartphone application".
Manage Contents
1.The group name displayed when you hover the mouse after assigning materials has been modified so that only the group name of the upper level is displayed if all the lower levels are assigned.
Check socres
1.In the pull-down display when narrowing down the members, it has been modified to display the nickname if the member does not have a name registered, and to display the login ID if the member does not have a nickname registered.
EC Store
1. Changed the error message when a coupon cannot be used.

Bug Fixes

Manage Contents
1.When deleting a certificate template with a name that contains HTML special characters from the certificate template management screen, the certificate template was displayed with symbols.
2. When the language setting is set to English and the Issue date or Expiry date is used in the certificate template, the date and time were not displayed in the preview or study screen.
How to read Progress Record
1. Fixed a bug that shortcuts were not colored even when learning was completed.
EC Product Registration
1.Fixed a bug that the tag name was not displayed on the tag selection screen when there was a tag name that used HTML or other tags.

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