Here are some case studies of companies and schools using learningBOX.


Entrepreneur Factory Co., Ltd.

Entrepreneur Factory creates content for entrepreneurship and in-house education and uses new learning technologies to help people and organizations succeed.

Purpose of use: Video learning


CUC Co.,Ltd.

CUC Co., Ltd. supports business consulting and management for hospitals, clinics, and nursing care facilities throughout Japan, and also supports medical care in various regions.

Purpose of use: Internal training / new employee training


Impress Co., Ltd.

Impress Co., Ltd. continues to take on the challenge of further expanding its “professional” and multifaceted and complex transmission, leveraging its strengths in publishing / electronic publishing and Internet media based on the PC / IT genre.

Purpose of use: Certificate exam preparation / WEB test


Cooperative Clinical Development Support Network SMONA

Cooperative The Clinical Development Support Network (SMONA) is working on a daily basis by clinical trial support providers to improve the accuracy and speed of clinical trials.

Purpose of use: Certification test / WEB test


Institution for a Global Society Co., Ltd.

Institution for a Global Society Co., Ltd. is a company that opens up the future of evaluation and education through vision and technology.

Purpose of use: aptitude test / scholastic ability test